ALUXE was founded in 2010 by Ger van Ommeren and Leon Vermeulen at the production site in Lelystad, Netherlands.
Here, the first verandas were manufactured by hand and in compliance with the highest quality standards.
This way of working has been retained until today.

Standing still is no option whatsoever. Soon, our portfolio was so extensive that we had to start looking for a new production site.
Near the border to the Nederlands, our current premises of REDSUN GmbH & Co. KG in Kevelaer, Germany,
offered the best prerequisites to pursue our highly sophisticated production.
Ger van Ommeren’s family business is a manufacturer of high-quality concrete and ceramic floor coverings
as well as an importer of natural stone from all over the world.
We have been based here since 2010 and the location meets our requirements entirely.
The increasing demand for glass roofs made it necessary to integrate a separate glass cutting area in 2015.
Since then, we can say with pride that all trades are carried out under one roof and in our own production “Made in Germany”.
Conclusively, our new office building and a new show garden were inaugurated in 2019.

The high quality of our products is clearly determined by the competent work and conscientiousness of our employees.
We employ only specialists in their field, from planning and development to material processing.
In terms of personnel, we have grown considerably over the years.

As of today, ALUXE employs almost 150 people.
Many of them have been part of ALUXE for years.


The use of durable material, a high-quality coating and intelligent expansion options
make for a well thought-out system that fits every type of house.

Whether rain, snow, sunshine or wind, our products defy all weather conditions so that you can enjoy your garden in every season.
Our goal is to constantly develop and expand our product range for you.

At Aluxe, it’s not just the stunning design of the products, our product development is also always strongly based on the latest, innovative and technical trends.
For example, the modular construction of the various systems, concealed fastening parts, or the unique hinge profile.
We use only the highest quality building materials. Even our custom-made window elements are from our own production.
Creativity and sustainability go hand in hand at Aluxe.

All our products are subject to regular testing and the strictest quality checks.


More than 30 years, QUALICOAT has been defining, monitoring and testing the quality of pre-treatment, coating, coating technique and correct application of coating materials for the processing of aluminium in architecture with strict standards and guidelines. The QUALICOAT quality seal applies to all our coatings on aluminium and its alloys. You receive a uniform coating quality and know-how at the highest level. With proper cleaning and care, the powder coatings can achieve a service life of up to 20 – 25 years.

DIN EN 1090

Our roofing systems are statically calculated and certified according to European DIN EN 1090. The European DIN EN 1090 regulates the proof of conformity, the factory production control, the manufacturer certification and the CE marking for load-bearing steel and aluminium components that are placed on the market as construction products.


Because we are convinced of what we do, we grant you a guarantee of 10 years.