The Topline XL has all the advantages of the Topline and also enables patio enclosures with an extra large span. Choose for a clear, ultimate panoramic view of your garden. Tested to be the strongest. The Topline XL not only impresses with its elegant appearance, but also with its extreme stability, which results from the even stronger posts and a stable gutter. This means that roofs with a width of 7000 mm and a depth of 4000 mm on only 2 reinforced posts are possible with a glass covering. (Basis: snow load zone 1) With polycarbonate roofing, a roofing of 7000 mm width and 5000 mm depth on only 2 reinforced posts is possible.

We offer you the option of roofing your Topline XL with either polycarbonate or glass. You can choose from two types of polycarbonate panels (clear or opal), at no extra charge, with other variants also available for an additional charge. We can also convince you with an excellent price-performance ratio when roofing with glass. To ensure a perfect oasis of well-being, frosted or heat-protective glass is also available at an extra charge.

The Topline XL is equipped with hinged profiles as standard, making the roof slope flexible to adjust. The profiles  used on the wall and gutter side allow an exact alignment of your terrace roof from 5 to 15 degrees. This is an advantage to comparable suppliers.

  • Flexible roof pitch
  • 4 standard RAL colours
  • Up to 700 cm wide out of one gutter profile
  • Wider roofs by gutter coupling possible
  • Mounting material in RAL colour
  • Glass 8 mm VSG or Polycarbonat 16 mm
  • Aluminium click / screw profile on the roof
  • Customization included
  • Spacer profile between the beams for extra finishing
  • Extra strong gutter for a wider one span between the posts

An Aluxe veranda ca always be sxpanded with various options, even when it has already been installed. A sliding wall, awning, LED lighting, heater and / or fixed wall are some examples of the numerous options that can be selected.

Quality and comfort do not have to be expensive