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    Glass sliding walls

Glass sliding walls:

You can choose to extend your Aluxe veranda with glass sliding walls.
This offers you the opportunity to close your veranda against the wind.
The glass sliding walls from Aluxe offer you the comfort of a beautiful extension to your terrace and provide an extra room at home.

There are 3 different systems:

AL30 sliding wall

Meet the Aluxe AL30 sliding wall, the more robust version compared to the
AL22, AL23 and AL24.
A slender aluminum profile in which the glass wall is placed.
A distinctive advantage is that, thanks to the slender profiles, the aluminum frame closes the sliding wall wind- and wateresistant without losing the unobstructed view.

The high-quality characteristics of the AL 30 sliding wall:

  • Wind- and water resistant system
  • 6 mm safety glass
  • Optionally lockable

Quality and comfort do not have to be expensive