• Luxline

    surprisingly atmospheric

The Aluxe Luxline is a horizontal veranda roof with fully automatic tilting aluminum slats.
With this type of roofing you can adjust the angle of the sun and air ventilation on your terrace by turning the slats up to 135 degrees around their axis. Aluxe Luxline offers endless possibilities and fits in with various building styles.

It can be placed seamlessly at your home. The pergola is much more than just a sunblind: it is a stylish addition to your home and garden.

Personalize your veranda with one of the many options

An Aluxe veranda can always be expanded with various options, even when it has
already been installed. A sliding wall, awning, LED lighting, heater and / or fixed wall are some examples of the numerous options that can be selected.

ACCESSORIES – optional


The wind sensor will open the slats for safety when there is a high wind load.

Rain sensor

This sensor emits an electrical signal with a certain amount of rain, as a result of which the slat roof closes automatically.


ACCESSORIES – included

Remote control

With the remote control you change the angle of inclination of the slats.

Snow and frost sensor

Automatically opens the slats below 2 degrees Celsius to prevent damage to the slatted roof and to avoid any snow loads.

The LUX 400 has a stronger slat that can bridge a free span of 4000 mm. 

Quality and comfort do not have to be expensive