• Designline

    for outdoor people

The Designline, the latest veranda roof from Aluxe, has a unique design and an extremely attractive modern look.

The Designline has a particularly strong overlying roof load construction, making it resistant to high snow loads.

Optional with full or partial sliding roof system. The Designline is supplied in fixed sizes,
up to no less than 700 cm from one gutter!

For sizes wider than 700 cm, the gutter is coupled. Ask your dealer about the many options!

Overlying roof load construction

The Designline has extremely sturdy beams and reaches a depth of no less than 5 m
without steel reinforcement!
Due to the unique design of the gutter, the beams do not rise above the gutter.

Optional with sliding roof system

The sliding roof system can be installed in one or more panels.
This can be designed entirely according to your own requirements.

Flexible roof pitch

The hinged wall and gutter profile ensure a flexible roof slope. This is one of the advantages over comparable models from other providers.

Roof covering

An Aluxe Designline with glass roofing is a luxurious and high-quality veranda with
an excellent value for money.

Opal glass is also possible at an additional cost.

  • Overlying roof load construction with extra strong profiles
  • A flat appearance from the bottom of the roof and beams that do not rise above the gutter
  • Optionally with a sliding roof system to be assigned per field to your choice
  • Flexible roof pitch
  • Hinged profile
  • Integrated rain gutter
  • 10 year warranty
  • 3 standard RAL colors
  • 8 mm safety glass
  • Easy to convert into a winter garden
  • Customization at no extra cost


An Aluxe veranda can always be expanded with various options, even when it has already been installed. A sliding wall, awning, LED lighting, heater and / or fixed wall are some examples of the numerous options that can be selected.

Quality and comfort do not have to be expensive